Letter from the girls

Dear family & friends,

My sister and I are reaching out to you today to let you know how my dad Binh Tran is doing. You might have heard that he has been going through some health problems over the past few years. This letter is not to alarm, it’s to let you know how Binh is doing and to give you more information on his condition. If you know our dad, you know he’s very private about his health issues and is too stubborn to ever ask for help. However we are to the point where we need some help.

A few years ago, our Dad Binh started to have kidney issues and had been admitted to the hospital frequently. While this stems from other health issues he went through previously with have stints put in his heart and legs, his kidneys failing is his primary issue now. He has dialysis twice a week to purify his blood so that it helps his kidney function. We joke that this is his part-time job now. Dialysis limits him from enjoying retirement after working so very hard, for such a very long time.

Due to his prior surgeries and health issues, my dad cannot be on the kidney waiting list. The only transplant he qualifies for is a living kidney donation. What does this mean? Well, it means that someone has to come forward who is willing to donate their 2nd kidney to him. This is a lot to ask of people and please do not feel that we are trying to put you in an uncomfortable position by telling you this. My dad will never ask you or anyone to give him a kidney, so if you are worried, please don’t be.

We are writing this letter to you to inform you of his health condition and ask for help in any way you can give it. We have started a website, a Facebook page and multiple other marketing avenues to see if someone would donate. Please spread the word! Like his pages, share his information and talk about it. The more people we have talking about him, the better chance we have someone who might come forward to donate. And if you have ever considered donating a kidney, donation information can be found on his website with contact information to his coordinator.

As we look back at our relationship with our Dad, I’m sure everyone knows that we’ve had our struggles as a family. We lost our mom at an early age and lost touch with our dad for many regrettable years. However we are so lucky that our children know our dad as grandpa and they have a great relationship with him, this is what matters – family. We are holding on to that as long as we can. Also, we are so very grateful to Loanne for being there for him and taking such good care of him. Thank goodness he picks, loves and raised strong women who aren’t afraid to ask for help. For more information and to help spread the word, please visit his website at and like his Facebook Page at: fb.me/BinhsKidney

We all can be reached through his website as well.

Sending our love and giving thanks for your help in advance,

Nicole Henderson & Jennie Hanson