About Binh

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Binh is brother, uncle, husband, father and grandfather who lives in Renton, Washington with his wife Loanne. He has three daughters, three son-in-laws and four grandchildren and a very large immediate family.

A little history about Binh:

As a former naval officer he served in the Vietnam war until 1975 when he immigrated to the US to flee the county due to the communist takeover. Before leaving, he graduated from South Vietnam Naval Academy in 1971 and took college classes! After he landed in the US and was sent to Minnesota with his brother Sang, he taught himself English and got a job. He met a woman named Kathy and got married, had a few kids all the while he was attending the University of Minnesota to earn a degree in Electrical Engineering. The stories he can tell of the journey here are hilarious and amazing.

He has dedicated the past 32 years working for Boeing and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as Aerospace Engineer making it all safe for us to travel. He recently retired due to his illness.

For the past 3 years Binh has been struggling with a deteriorating kidney condition. His family jokes that he works full time now with this dialysis schedule and that he has come out of retirement. While when he is out with his family and friends, Binh’s disease isn’t obvious but it takes him time to recover from dialysis. His life is very limited.

He has been accepted by Virginia Mason hospital for a kidney transplant but can only have a living donor due to his vascular disease. A new kidney would help give him quality of life once more. He would like to spend more time with his family and see his grand children grow up. His biggest dream is that he could once again return back to his home town and visit his ancestor home.