The Gift of a Billboard

Lamar Advertising didn’t even let me ask for a discount on a billboard for my dad. They GAVE it to me in hopes that it would help find a kidney donor for my dad. In this world, right now, people like Korbe and his team at Lamar give us all hope that the world still cares about people. My family and our hearts are all overwhelmed by their generosity. Thank you Lamar, Korbe and your team who made this happen. I hope to share good news with the results. Also, thank you to the Living Kidney Donors Network for the great idea and helping with everything you do!

This billboard can be seen going North on 405 or on your way to Maple Valley off 169 – next to Shari’s… all of us Renton people know where that is =)

#LamarAdvertising #Livingkidneydonations

4 thoughts on “The Gift of a Billboard”

    1. Hi Robert,

      My dad is an O Blood Type. However you don’t have to be a match to donate. He can get connected with other patient’s who have someone donating an O and who is need of the blood type Binh’s donor has. It’s a paired donation where they swap the donors to match the patient. If you are an O, it makes things easier but not required. Thank you for your comment and reaching out!!


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